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Advantages of having your own website

You get to express yourself so that millions can see.

You also get to make a fool of yourself for a global audience.

You can proudly display your own website address on your business card.

You can impress people by saying: I discuss this same issue on my website.
Make sure to spell it several times.

In case they actualy go to the address,
you put on it all blinking, swirling and otherwise eye killing pictures
you have downloaded from other websites.

It is good to have a guestbook,
then you can write there how wonderful your website is and
how much you've learned from the great person that has the site.

Chatroom is great too,
then you can log as several people at once
and maintain fresh and interesting conversation with yourself.

The best thing about having your own website is a great feeling
that you are being needed and occupied with meaningfull socialy responsible work.

You never have to worry about where to spend all that free time,
that you got on friday evenings.